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For the majority of my life I've strived for optimal health. But what I've realized through the start of my Ayurvedic education is the absence of disease does not mean a person is completely healthy. ​

I had completely neglected the health of my mind and spirit as I had been plugging away spin class after spin class, half marathon after half marathon, lap after lap in the pool, endless hours lifting weights, squats and burpees until I was in a heaping pile on the floor in sweat and tears. But to me that equated to health. Despite eating whole, high fibrous, plant protein, low refined sugar diet, any kind of fruit and vegetable you could imagine, I was not happy mentally or spiritually. For my body and mind, all of these activities, while for some can be healthy, were leaving my mind scattered, dried out, and unfulfilled.

As someone with a pitta-vata constitution I had the firey drive to do all of these things with a burning passion, but I was pushing my vata out of whack, leading to an excess of air and ether in my body and mind. My anxiety was at an all time high.

Combined with a history of a severe car accident, becoming a mother of three, surviving a house explosion, I began to seek out an alternative form of healing.

I found Ayurveda, or maybe Ayurveda found me. Either way, the combination of my dietetic nutrition degree and fitness background plus my introduction to yoga and Ayurveda lead me to a mind, body, spirit connection that I feel is my dharma. My spiritual path to serve others with no expectations of anything in return.  



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