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What's Your Dessert and/or Breakfast Game Plan??

Dessert and breakfast. Can they be one in the same? I say why not????

I'm going to share with you my recipe that accomplished 3 things for me, ALL while nourishing me AND satisfying my sweet tooth. Say WHAAAAT?

Mixed nuts is a big time holiday food set out, but often get surpassed for the more enticing indulging 'tis the season' foods.

So what is a girl to do with roughly 2+ pounds of mixed nuts? I came up with many healthy snacks (I'll share them later) but this one made me rush to the kitchen, early in the a.m. so I could get the day started.

It's my take on cashew cream, but with mixed nuts. SUPER easy.


-2 cups any variety of nuts and/or seeds

-Enough water to cover the nuts in a large bowl

-1 tsp cinnamon

-1 tsp nutmeg

-1 tsp salt

-1 tsp vanilla

-1 Tbsp Coconut Palm sugar


1) Pour enough water over the nuts to cover them.

2) Let soak for 2-3 hours (overnight is fine. just cover them up in case you have roving curious kitties in the middle of the night)

3) Add nuts and liquid to food processor and turn on.

4) Let it go until you have a smooth, creamy consistency.

Pour into a resealable container.

What toppings you add is up to you! I recommend any fruit, or for this time of year stewed apples with raisins, and/or plums.

Annnnnnnnd don't blame me when your partner walks in on you licking the bowl clean! ;)

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