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This beautiful green goddess originates from a tree and is a member of the flowering plant Lauraceae. Botanically speaking it is a large berry containing a single seed. Interesting, right?? More like DELICIOUS! 

This powerhouse is virtually the only fruit that contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, both are associated with lower blood lipids such as LDL and VLDS, while increasing HDL.  It is very low in sodium, sugar, and cholesterol free (maybe that's why it's an egg's best friend). This lil lady per ONE THIRD of the fruit provides nearly 20 essential nutrients, including a good source of fiber and folate, potassium, Vitamin E, B-vitamins, and folic acid.They also act as a "nutrient booster" by enabling the body to absorb more fat-soluble nutrients, such as alpha and beta-carotene and lutein, in foods that are eaten with the fruit. Now that's dare I say, a superfood???

I could go on and on regarding this delightful fruit, but why not check out 31 avocado and nutrition fa...

"Nothing truly human is abhorrent to me." ~Latin poet-Terence~

Vulnerability. It’s a word that struck a chord with me this week. I am often afraid to admit any form of it, as we all are. In the words of Father Richard Rohr, a spiritual Franciscan priest “When humans try to deny vulnerability, even from themselves, when they cannot admit weakness, neediness, hurt, pain, suffering, sadness, they become very inhuman and not very attractive. They don’t change you. They don’t invite you.”

I taught vulnerability in a very physical form, this week, in my yoga classes; handstands. We see them all over social media right now, but when it came down to it, I just couldn’t admit to my upper body frailty. It manifests itself in so many different ways in my life, the obvious being physical.

I encouraged my students to be in the presence of their physical vulnerability, and let it mentally transform into being a truly honest and affected person off the mat.

Because as Father Rohr states, “That’s the way...

This is where I am at this morning. I often find myself scrolling through posts on various social media sites of admirable yogis doing various handstands, backbends, forearm stands and what not. I am not that yogi. I tried to force myself into that box for years. But I am not there this morning. I am not at that point really any morning. I am deciding to honor my exhaustion, FINALLY. 

I am a vata person by nature; ethereal, airy, FATIGUED. Combine those two elements with family; it's a whole new level of tired.  I've been at pre-child level of tired, so I know what that feels like. College, athletics, jobs, partying too hard, up late with sick pets that are rightly so considered children, but this level of fatigue; unless on this level is impossible to understand. There's no judgement. Millions of people don't have children, and I honor that. But just like I cannot understand what it feels like to be invigorated by drop backs, handstands, and acro yoga; being a mother and the exhaustion...

As most people fell of the gluten band wagon, myself, husband, and children geared up and on it full throttle. I had so many people lecture me in regards to how I was hurting myself and my children for feeding them gluten containing foods. I had a woman at the yoga studio I work at stand in front of me and explain to me that it was my motherly responsibility to protect my children and keep them away from gluten. 

When folks ask if I feed my children gluten: 

Don't get me wrong. We've given a great effort and shelled out plenty of cash towards gluten free foods for extended periods of time, but felt absolutely no difference. My girls did come out of our gluten free efforts loving rice pasta, and still have a favorite rice pasta meal that they look forward to each week. What I discovered is our love of all grains in general. We each have our favorites; basmati rice, wild rice, wheat berries, barley, quinoa, in addition to lentils and beans. Our bellies are consistently filled with a wide v...

Dry, light, cold, mobile, unstable. These are some of the qualities that describe the element of air, or in Ayurvedic terms; vayu. The vayus are what reign supreme throughout the body and can push the other elements out of alignment, if we do not pay attention to the subtle symptoms associated with them (dry skin, eyes, hair, nails, gas, bloating, constipation). 

Vata and the vayus, can accumulate in the body at any time regardless of the seasons, time of day, or time of life. It is a trouble maker! This is why as an Ayurvedic practitioner, we tend to vata first, and alleviate any symptoms associated with dry, light, cold, mobile, and unstable qualities. From a food perspective what would that look like? Think 'like increases like', and 'opposite alleviates'. If we have a scattered mind, are constipated, and have dry skin and are consistently eating raw, cold, light veggies (salads), with a side of popcorn and cold, green juice the digestive system is going to become aggrevated by those...

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February 13, 2017

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