What's in YOUR Tea Cup?

Winter has washed over us, and what comes to mind is the opportunity to spice and warm up what's in my tea cup in a way that summer doesn't always allow with pitta being the other half of my personal predominant constitution. The other half of my predominating constitution is Vata. Winter lends itself, personally, to dry, cracked skin, hair, nails, eyes, and weak digestive fire . Enter ALL the spices. In moderate amounts, at least. TOO much spiciness can either aggrevate vata further, or pitta. So what type of teas are good to boost digestive fire without aggrevation? Here are a handful of my go to teas that keep me warm and digestion boosted throughout the winter months. Warm Spiced Chai *T

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R.D., L.D., R.Y.T., 

Ayurvedic Health Educator

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