Spring is Kapha Digestion

Agni is your digestive fire, as known in Ayurveda. As winter comes to an end, the elements of earth and water begin to thaw. The stagnation that was upon us through the cold winter months are naturally attempting to flow. However, earth and water make mud. And it's hard to flow through mud, as becomes clear to me as I am tending to my garden in the pouring rain hauling large amounts of compost to renew my garden beds. Earth and water are Kapha; we are entering the Kapha season. Things are muddy, but growth and renewal want to happen. In our internal and external environments. So how do we provide our internal environment (our bodies) the right amount of fire to boost our agni? Lighter Foods

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R.D., L.D., R.Y.T., 

Ayurvedic Health Educator

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