What's Your Dessert and/or Breakfast Game Plan??

Dessert and breakfast. Can they be one in the same? I say why not???? I'm going to share with you my recipe that accomplished 3 things for me, ALL while nourishing me AND satisfying my sweet tooth. Say WHAAAAT? Mixed nuts is a big time holiday food set out, but often get surpassed for the more enticing indulging 'tis the season' foods. So what is a girl to do with roughly 2+ pounds of mixed nuts? I came up with many healthy snacks (I'll share them later) but this one made me rush to the kitchen, early in the a.m. so I could get the day started. It's my take on cashew cream, but with mixed nuts. SUPER easy. Ingredients: -2 cups any variety of nuts and/or seeds -Enough water to cover the nuts

This Noatmeal Wins Wednesday

Nourishment. This breakfast embodies all of the nourishment I could rustle up from my cupboards. Shatavari, marshmallow root, slippery elm, black sesame seeds, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom (my Ayurvedic rasayana mix), eggs, and nuts, and WARMTH. The start of a new year leads folks, at times, to fall into the trap of "DEPRIVE, DEPRIVE, DEPRIVE!" Maybe not in those exact words, but what else is a diet and extreme exercise program, but cutting out pretty much everything. And when you deprive yourself in one way or another, you create a void. A spacious air and ether, Vata void. This tends to be a set up for lacking in nourishment. Unsustainable. So start small, don't deprive, and check out my rec

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