Autumn Harvest Chewy Anytime Cookies

I feel a bit guilty. I have not shared this recipe with anyone, and only recently started sharing the actually cookies. In my defense, the cookies weren't making it out of the kitchen because they were being gobbled up so fast! I am often looking for treats that everyone can enjoy, regardless of food restrictions or cutting back on added/processed sugars (by the way; let's all agree, adding maple syrup, honey, agave etc is STILL added sugar, especially when added in 1/2-1 cup measurements. Call it by any other name, it's going to spike your blood sugar no matter). This cookie is a result of having some over ripe fruit, and a lonely sweet potato and a whole lot of delicious warming spices to

Svadhisthana Care

Svadhisthana Chakra: The Second Chakra, The Sacral Chakra Often associated with the color orange, the svadhisthana chakra is the seat of emotion and translates into "dwelling of the self". The physical location is the lower abdomen just below the navel and is also associated with the reproductive organs. Psychologically it governs our ability to nurture and initiate and maintain healthy relationships. In close proximity to the root or muladara chakra,it can also aid in grounding, stability, and strength. How do you know if your svadhisthana chakra is blocked? Physical manifestations: -P.M.S. -hypoglycemia -anemia -adrenal fatigue, kidney symptoms -low back pain (lumbar, sacral) -joint proble

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R.D., L.D., R.Y.T., 

Ayurvedic Health Educator

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