Gluten. Yes.

As most people fell of the gluten band wagon, myself, husband, and children geared up and on it full throttle. I had so many people lecture me in regards to how I was hurting myself and my children for feeding them gluten containing foods. I had a woman at the yoga studio I work at stand in front of me and explain to me that it was my motherly responsibility to protect my children and keep them away from gluten. When folks ask if I feed my children gluten: Don't get me wrong. We've given a great effort and shelled out plenty of cash towards gluten free foods for extended periods of time, but felt absolutely no difference. My girls did come out of our gluten free efforts loving rice pasta, an

5 Healthy Foods That Calm Accumulating Vata

Dry, light, cold, mobile, unstable. These are some of the qualities that describe the element of air, or in Ayurvedic terms; vayu. The vayus are what reign supreme throughout the body and can push the other elements out of alignment, if we do not pay attention to the subtle symptoms associated with them (dry skin, eyes, hair, nails, gas, bloating, constipation). Vata and the vayus, can accumulate in the body at any time regardless of the seasons, time of day, or time of life. It is a trouble maker! This is why as an Ayurvedic practitioner, we tend to vata first, and alleviate any symptoms associated with dry, light, cold, mobile, and unstable qualities. From a food perspective what would tha

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Ayurvedic Health Educator

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