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The Ayurvedic Dietitian

Currently offering 20 minute phone consults FREE of charge during COVID via telehealth (preferably through Zoom). We are in an unprecedented time, and I would like to offer my nutrition services. Should we decide to work together beyond the 20 minutes, payments are on a sliding scale.Please schedule, here. 

Meet Marisa


My passion for food as medicine is not just a career for me. It has been, and will always be a personal journey. My love for all things food and how it translates into health an wellness physically and mentally has driven me to a place where I am constantly learning and looking to share that knowledge with others. In fact, Ayurveda teaches us that the knowledge to be healthy and well, is deep within us. I am here to help you tap into that knowledge and make it a part of your life. 

Recipes & Tips 


I am constantly trying out new recipes, and utilizing new to me spices, fruits, veggies, and grains in my kitchen. Pop on over to my blog and browse some of my personal recipes and links to tried and true ones that I know you'll love!

I never want to seem as if I am talking at you, or you are not part of this process. I want to work with you from a place of knowing YOUR story. What could possibly be the root cause of why you chose to see me? Are you truly dedicated to embarking on this journey towards a healthier lifestyle? I won't ever promise a quick fix, or that I will do the work for you, but I will absolutely do my best to pass on my knowledge in a way that fits with YOUR life, and who YOU are. Because you can make this happen!  

     Follow up visits consist of nutrition consultations with Ayurvedic education, understanding your personal constitution, and and getting to know any possible imbalances. 

Extremely personalized. 

  • Culinary Coaching
    • How to of food prep to help execute a healthy food routine.​

      • Basics of kitchen tools

  • Kitchen Overhaul
    • Do you ever open your cupboard or pantry and just wish someone was standing behind you coaching you as to whether or not you should keep certain foods? ​Just like our closets with our clothes, sometimes food choices might not work well with your body and mind the way it might with someone else. 

    • I am happy to set up an appointment to come to your kitchen and coach you into a healthier set up, giving you a healthy starting point to make healthy food choices. 

  • Corporate or Group Presentations
    • Do you have a wellness department, or are you looking to have someone present a health and wellness topic to your employees? ​

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